Vollständige Version anzeigen : [Hardware] GPS Modul für 1st Gen iPhone :)

15.11.2008, 18:54

Well it looks like the decision to keep that original iPhone will finally pay off. OrangeGadgets has just become my new friend with the introduction of the iGPS360 iPhone/iPod Touch Module. The module is designed to plug into the base of your iPhone 2G/iPod Touch. One point that sticks out is that your device must be jailbroken for the GPS module to work. As we know, Apple has not given the OK for any device to access the OS through the dock connector. The module has an on-board battery back-up which will store the last acquired GPS satellite information on-board, enabling a fast GPS-lock re-acquisition time after the module has temporarily been switched off. the module also allows charging of the module and iPhone/iPod at the same time through a micro USB cable that is included in the purchase of the module. At this time the device can be pre-ordered for $75. Also it looks as if only 1000 of the units will be manufactured. So hopefully we will be able to get our hands on one of them and provide a more in depth review.


Hab nurnoch im Hinterkopf dass einpaar Personen hier danach gesucht haben =)

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